What is Power of Pregnancy?

Power of Pregnancy is a simple, easy to follow prenatal wellness program for women who want to be at their prime during pregnancy. Founder, Gina Fontaine, created this program in response to a gap in the fitness marketplace serving pregnant women. Pregnancy is the motivation for many women to either begin or return to physical activity after an extended time, and there are relatively few prenatal-specific class formats available to women. Prenatal yoga, being the most widely offered class format for this population simply does not serve the needs of all women.

We are building a network of birth professionals and wellness providers who support women during the perinatal period. Through our partnerships we will offer low-cost and discounted access to Power of Pregnancy licensed fitness centers, birth professionals, mental health professionals and complementary health care providers — making access to the most well rounded care available to ALL pregnant women more affordable.

The Program Guide includes:

  • What is Power of Pregnancy
  • The Importance of Prenatal Exercise
  • Program Options
  • Program Offerings
  • Testimonials
  • About the Founder
  • The Birth of Power of Pregnancy
  • Contact Information

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"I am SO grateful I connected with Gina! I am taking Power of Pregnancy classes and they are wonderful! I feel inspired, energized, and more grounded in my body after class. She is helping me to gain confidence and learn about the birth process. I love the way she caters to people's individual needs, and offers assistance. She is also great at creating a community by bringing the class together. I highly recommend Gina!"

Meghan Schenck

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Exercises to do with your baby.

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